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* Palm Springs Series Print 2 (2023) Linocut print from a limited edition of 6

* Palm Springs Series Print 2 (2023) Linocut print from a limited edition of 6

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Artwork description:

Palm Springs ii is a tiny unexpected courtyard. A little courtyard area where the bright sun shine and the shadows create warm and cool- areas for life to flourish and places where it cannot.

I really loved the gravel textures, the lines the roof created on the walls, and the ground and the rocks. Those plants and their vivid green, then the flash of blue sky and those all important Palm Trees peeping through.

This is reduction linocut. A reduction linocut is a totally hand made print. No machines are used. Only one piece of Lino is used throughout the process and so no prints can be reproduced.

I draw the image I want to create on the Lino, in reverse. Using carving tools I take away all the lightest parts which will be the colour of the the paper, I then ink up the Lino with a colour and press this onto some thick printing paper. Anything I want to be that colour I carve away and ink up the next colour and so the process goes until the image appears.

This print went through this process many times, to achieve the final image. I used oil based Calico artist inks and the paper is Italian Fabriano Rosapina.

The printed area is approximately 15.4 by 20.5cm and the paper size is approximately 21.5 by 26.5 cm.

There are only 6 prints in this edition, plus an artists proof.

Materials used:

lino, inks, rollers, press, paper, cutting tools

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