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* Beach Umbrellas (2023) Linocut print from a limited edition of 5

* Beach Umbrellas (2023) Linocut print from a limited edition of 5

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Artwork description:

It's hot, the sun is blazing down. The beach is filling up, the sea is calling you and all you need is to find a beach umbrella, a place to lie down and relax in the shade. Maybe a cocktail, later. As you head towards the beach, past the gentle rustle of the palm trees here it is the perfect spot.

Obviously this image came to me in a long, grey English winter, but a girl can dream!

A reduction linocut is a totally hand made print. No machines are used. Only one piece of Lino is used throughout the process and so no prints can be reproduced.

I draw the image I want to create on the Lino, in reverse. Using carving tools I take away all the lightest parts which will be the colour of the the paper, I then ink up the Lino with a colour and press this onto some thick printing paper. Anything I want to be that colour I carve away and ink up the next colour and so the process goes until the image appears.

This print went through this process many times, to achieve the final image. I used oil based Calico artist inks and the paper is Italian Fabriano Rosapina.

The printed area is approximately 59cm x 42cm. this is and edge to edge print. There is no white border, the paper is printed right to the edge. You can of course use a mount board to create a white border when you frame the work.

Please note, outside the U.K. and USA local customs/duty charges may be incurred. These are the responsibility of the customer and outside my control.

Materials used:

lino, inks, rollers, press, paper, cutting tools

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