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Beach Clover (2022) Linocut print from a limited edition of 5

Beach Clover (2022) Linocut print from a limited edition of 5

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Artwork description:

Beach Clover was inspired by a scene I photographed whist travelling in Scotland. This beach is on the very northern coast of Scotland. There were very hardy people surfing in that water! I loved the hazy view where you can't tell where the sky ends and the sea begins, the coast line which also disappears into the sea, the sand dunes and the bright pinky purple of the clover in the foreground. This was a difficult print to create, as the colours and tones were so different, but I hope you can see the scene.

A reduction linocut is a totally hand made print. No machines are used. Only one piece of Lino is used throughout the process and so no prints can be reproduced.

I draw the image I want to create on the Lino, in reverse. Using carving tools I take away all the lightest parts which will be the colour of the the paper, I then ink up the Lino with a colour and press this onto some thick printing paper. Anything I want to be that colour I carve away and ink up the next colour and so the process goes until the image appears.

This print went through this process 21 times, to achieve the final image. I used oil based Calico artist inks and the paper is Italian Fabriano Rosapina.

The printed area is approximately 30.5cm x 40.5cm and the paper size is approximately 38.6 x48.6cm.

Please note, outside the U.K. and USA local customs/duty charges may be incurred. These are the responsibility of the customer and outside my control.

Materials used:

lino, cutting tools, roller, inks, printing press, paper

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